Monday, July 27, 2015

Names, Again

you're getting weaker and you know it screaming I don't know how much longer we can hold him like this screaming you know I will win you're only stalling screaming please do look after yourself you know Simone won't kill you she'll try to find something screaming worse and when she does I'll gladly help her with it screaming if you're crazy and you know it clap your hands -screaming clap,clap- if you're crazy and you know it clap your hands -clap,clap- screaming she'll just die even if we don't kill her we'll outlive her screaming she has ten years less now and you don't even know why screaming can someone please tell me how to get out screaming have you ever considered that your kids will only grow up to hate you screaming you don't have to spend so much energy on me anymore it's alright screaming you've never been able to beat us entirely screaming why would they screaming the question is how far could he make it if you lot stopped helping screaming maniac screaming madness screaming oh because you're so much better screaming please I just want to know how to get home screaming what if she grows to hate you screaming even small clouds high in the sky can leave big shadows screaming shadow is all that you are anymore screaming this is too much screaming where have you taken me now screaming I don't like all these noises screaming oh god look at everything I've done screaming is anybody listening screaming please help me screaming I just want screaming silence