Saturday, September 26, 2015

Names, a third time

they’re at it again screaming what a surprise screaming why is it dark screaming isn’t there some way we can use this against them screaming apparently not screaming let me out let me out let me out screaming don’t we all wish we had spouses that f***ed us at least twice a day screaming please screaming if we just tried leaving them alone screaming weak pathetic souls screamingif you knew true power screaming I just want to die screaming do you wonder what they might be doing screaming do they escalate it every time screaming if we could just find a way to make them stop screaming break the walls screamingeasy prey screaming I never wanted this screaming I miss dancing screamingso glad you told me screaming do you think she’d die if we managed to get him once she bit him screaming absolutely screaming please just leave her alone screaming can’t you see it’s finally getting better screaming what do you call better screaming this is weakness like we’ve never felt screaming why is it so hard the wall won’t budge screaming it’s condensed we’ll never get through screaming but if we try screaming no screaming but if he thinks we tried screaming if he thought we had broken through screaming give it time screaming I want to go home

A/N: Written at a very specific time, as a gift to my dear friend, Noelle.  AC